Top 12 Reasons to Use Cartoon Marketing in Advertising

Marketers use new ways to grab the audience’s attention in this digital age. In recent years businesses have started using cartoon marketing to enhance their advertising. Cartoon marketing is a helpful tool that initiates the sales funnel and engages your audience.

Cartoon Marketing

Advertising trends are changing day by day. Each year marketers come up with some new ways to enhance their marketing. So, build a solid digital presence and keep your audience up to date. Let’s dig deeper and discuss the reasons why you should incorporate cartoon marketing in advertising.

What is Cartoon Marketing?

Cartoon marketing has become one of the most effective advertising trends. It is ideal because it improves brand awareness and the entire sales funnel. For a better idea, you can look at these stats: 86% of businesses experience a website traffic increase, dwell time also increases by 83%, and sales improve by 78%.

How Does Content Marketing Produce Quality Results?

The beauty of cartoon marketing is that it doesn’t look too serious. Animated characters portray a fun element, but they significantly influence the audience. According to various studies, cartoon videos can impact the following metrics:

benefits of Cartoon marketing

Captures Audience Attention

Imagine that you visit a bank’s website. You want to know about their services and the benefits of this bank. However, you don’t have enough time to read the textual information on the website.

A video defines complex concepts quicker and more efficiently than words. A 2-minute video can highlight the key information and grab the audience’s attention at the right time. A user spends just 2 minutes and gets all the answers to the queries. Now the user is prepared for the next steps.

Creates brand awareness

Animoto reveals that video advertising is the best way for the audience to find a company they later opt. Cartoon marketing on Instagram and TikTok gives you a competitive edge over others selling the same product. It is one of the main motives behind the involvement of cartoon marketing in advertising

Improves Sales and Activate Sales Funnel

Wyzowl revealed the notable stats that show the impact of animated cartoon videos on the sales funnel. E.g., 84% think videos are the best supporting tool for lead generation. 43% of organizations observed a significant decrease in support calls when they added an explainer video to their website.

Cartoon videos increase return on investment, which is ideal for incorporating video into your marketing strategy.

Cartoon Marketing is Cost-effective

What is the Cost of 3d Animation? This question comes to the mind of any marketer. Cartoon marketing is a budget-friendly option and will not take too much time for production.

cartoon video marketing cost effective

It won’t be easy to do if you want to save money on live-action video production. You will need to hire actors, shoot equipment, and rent decorations for the live-action video production. Moreover, you cannot do all the work on your own. The best thing is that they look attractive even if created under a limited budget. It is a great impact on the benefit of cartoon marketing in advertising.

In cartoon videos, everything is easy. Of course, you need to hire a professional animation agency that creates an engaging video. However, you can save the budget on cartoon videos because you don’t need equipment, decorations, or actors. Animation companies offer customized packages, and they vary on the video length, the time you have for production, and the animation style.

Customized the Characters to Demonstrate the Key Features

Have you ever realized that we evaluate the quality of services or products by the quality of content we see from the company? Cartoon video can be a game-changer tool to enhance your engagement with your customers, prospects, and partners.

A cartoon video is always created with a new idea. Therefore, each cartoon character is unique. As the animation is designed and formed from scratch, you can make any character or image. Moreover, you can portray the story in various engaging ways. Everything depends on the idea of your video. In cartoon videos, you can customize the message according to the audience and your business objectives.

These videos are versatile and allow you to demonstrate the key features and benefits beautifully. Therefore, it unlocks the doors of unlimited opportunities to create a video that will help achieve your business objectives. In this way, cartoon marketing is very effective in advertising.

Create a Brand Message to Enhance your Brand Image

Brands must understand that showing off their brand without a unique message can annoy their prospects and audience. It is better to create a brand image in their lives organically.

Some marketers wrongly perceive that the more they showcase a brand logo, the more customers know and love them. But it is not a successful marketing strategy. There are millions of companies globally, most of which are not famous. However, they incorporate their logo in every promotional campaign.

People love companies that excite them with a unique message. So, don’t concentrate on who you are, but explain what solution you can offer to fulfill their needs. With a cartoon video, you can use an engaging message in a story to portray your brand image with the characters.

Characterization Influences Audience to Create Brand Association

Marketers use a psychological trick in cartoon advertising – if the audience relates themselves to the video characters, they are most likely to follow their actions. These videos are highly engaging because when the characters have the same pain as the audience – if they found a solution in your video, they act the same!

E.g., an HR manager wants to monitor employees’ daily tasks but doesn’t know how to check them. We can portray a character facing a similar problem but solves it through our app. The problem is solved, influencing prospects to act the same way.

Video grabs the Audience’s Attention

Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to read textual content on your website. We see so much information daily that it becomes rather annoying to focus on the features and find what we want. A concise and visually engaging video will amuse your customers, concentrate on the key features and convey the right message. People prefer to watch a video because it is easy, convenient, and saves time.

Let’s suppose the situation: you want to know how to use an app to manage your work in two taps. You will prefer to watch a 30-seconds video with no extra effort rather than reading a blog or FAQ.

Allows to Edit Video after Post-production

We have already discussed above that cartoon video marketing is cost-effective. The best thing about cartoon video is its easy post-production process. The animated videos follow a structure puzzle: you can easily edit them at any production phase. Even if your video is completed, it won’t be challenging to edit and change something.

Whereas in the Live-action videos, you cannot do that. If you miss some scene and want to edit it after post-production, you must change the entire story or hire the team again.

Viewers associate them with Cartoons

The biggest problem in our childhood was what cartoon to watch first. People love cartoons, and they remind us of our childhood days when everything was easy, and life was full of fun. It is an unforgettable emotion, and the audience can connect to it easily. So, use it in your marketing plan.

Cartoon video is more than compelling characters. It portrays your brand story that triggers emotions and creates an emotional connection between customers and the company. You need to create a creative and engaging story and a plot that influences the audience.

Explain Complicated Things with Visual

No matter what is your business segment, you have some complex ideas in your mind. How to explain them in an easy way that the audience can understand? The answer is to use cartoon video marketing!
The best thing about cartoons is that they include metaphors to explain situations.

Metaphor helps in explaining complex things quickly without hidden stories and images. You demonstrate how your product works step by step, and your audience will understand it easily through visual representation.

In a Nutshell

In this digital era, customers are overrun with numerous marketing ads. It has become challenging for businesses to get the customers’ attention. Marketers are searching for new ways to attract audience attention. In recent years, businesses have started using cartoon video marketing to influence consumer buying behavior. Cartoon video marketing can enhance your marketing to the next level.

You can achieve a significant result if you have a professional animation team who can create an engaging video. However, it won’t happen if your video has a boring story, low quality, good voiceover, and weak narration. If you don’t have a professional team, you can search for the top 10 animated explainer video companies. You can pick the best company who you think can fulfill your cartoon video requirement.

Cartoon video marketing is the best tool that helps you in achieving your business objectives. If you follow our tips, it will improve your marketing activities and boost your sales. In this competitive environment, adjusting your marketing strategy to compete in the market is essential. Your company is not alone in the market. Many organizations also offer the same product or services.

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